What is DUI law?


DUI law means driving under influence. It is present in the 50 states of the United States of America and the district of Columbia. It means being intoxicated or driving under influences of alcohol and other illegal substance’s. In other words you can get arrested just by drinking while driving. DUI law is important and implemented because people intoxicated sometimes can lead to unwanted accidents in the area. Drunk people are more likely to cause accidents than people not drinking since drinking can make the driver dizzy and can make the driver lose focus on the road. There are plenty of people already affected by drinking while driving. Some people already lost their lives because of drinking while driving,

That is why the DUI law is made, to stop drivers from being intoxicated in the road and to ensure the lives of people crossing the streets. It is important because it can save the lives of innocent people and can make people safer in the city. People caught drinking under influence can face prison time. Sources indicate that 40% of United States traffic accidents or deaths is all alcohol related. To have a better understanding about criminal law, you can visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/criminal-law/.

The government takes the DUI law very seriously to ensure the safety of the driver and the citizens doing their everyday jobs. Rather than just alcohol, DUI can also mean driving while being high or you just recently took illegal drugs, which is more serious than alcohol since drugs can cause the driver to lose his focus during driving. Sometimes drivers are pulled over the road to take a chemical test to ensure that they have not taken alcohol or illegal substances. Check out Michael Jeffcoat Law for more details.

Drivers who have a history of DUI can face charges of jail time, probation or community service. If you are caught driving under influence’s you will be punished accordingly and will have a negative impact on your driving privileges. All states have a ignition interlock law in which the judge requires some convicted or caught drivers to install a interlock to their cars, in which the interlock check their breath and to stop the engine if it detects alcohol in the breath of the driver.

Some states have made ignition locks mandatory or highly required for all caught drivers driving under influence even first time offenders can have the ignition lock installed to their cars. That’s what the DUI law means and why it is important. Please check out  carolinadefenselawyers.com if you have questions.


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